Founded in 2001, BvW Global is a management consultancy firm that assists Government Agencies and Corporate Clients Australia-Wide.

BvW Global’s reputation has been earned over the integrity of our team, quality of work and true experience of our team members. The solutions we assist our clients with positively impact Organisational Efficiency via Revenue, Cost, and/or Trading Partner Management improvements across People, Process, and Technology.

Our senior practitioners are highly qualified individuals with ex-Big 5 Consulting Firms experience and/or deep industry expertise. They have worked in complex project implementations in the private and Government sector.

For the last 16 years, BvW Global continues to be a trusted procurement advisory, management consultancy and implementation partner to Australian Government Agencies and Corporations.

We assist our clients with partial or end-to-end projects within Procurement, Category Sourcing and Contract Negotiation, as well as Probity Roles to ensure Procurement Policies and Guidelines are adhered to. We work across the People, Process, Technology, Organisational Structure spectrum.

BvW Global is also an accredited Government supplier that supports Government Agencies with their procurement and sourcing initiatives.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.