We operate at the intersections of high performance and design. Our expertise lies in action sports, golf, swim, bike, luxury, travel, fashion and design related industries. TOKEN CONSULTING connects the dots and serves as platform to align new ventures and strengthen existing business relations.

Powerful relationships with core athletes, style leaders and tastemakers amplify our influence.

Inspired solutions garner momentum building for brands and companies seeking stand out solutions for their products and causes.

We have a deep understanding of the dynamics of different cultural landscapes and unlock new audiences whilst serving existing loyal consumer bases.

With decades of experience in shaping and communicating the visions of our clients, combined with an intuition that anticipates industry innovation, our unique position and local insights create a compelling dialogue between brands and their target audiences.

TOKEN CONSULTING provides an integrated approach reaching across digital and print platforms, broadcast and social media.

The full service range includes classic public relations and marketing, digital and social media strategy, advertising, campaigns, special projects, content creation and events.

With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics in sight, additional scopes of services include market research and special studies, surveys, content strategy for the winter sports and action sports/ extreme sports industries, and consulting to establish specialty and luxury retail networks and distribution channels.