The availability of organic products on the market today is very limited and in most local supermarkets expensive…..
People will argue why this is but I simply believe it comes down to cost; “the cost to a company of harvesting an organic product and bringing to market versus a chemical mixture manufactured by the millions per day in warehouse/factory. “
…..As a result of this, I simply went back to basics. I started with the benefits from fruits, vegetables, essentials oils and then natural minerals.
I produced my first homemade skin cream to help address my children’s problems with eczema and nappy rash. The results in 24 hours where amazing even when compared with prescription medication from our doctor. In the weeks following I had given out several samples to my friends to use with their children. The feedback I received was so positive, I had offers from each of them wanting to purchase more. So I reproduced this cream for them while also improving upon its formula on a regular basis. I later created other cosmetic products such as soaps, balms and bath products which I sold at local markets and beauty events. This is how my organic business venture started.
In the following months I continued to receive positive customer feedback. I researched, improved and expanded on the range of products I wanted to make available for all skin types. Some of the most common questions client’s raised with me related to the following:
• How to get rid of black heads?
• How to treat acne, dry or broken skin?
• General day to day upkeep of your skins condition, making it smoother, healthier in the most organic way

There are multiple washing soaps available on the market today, some organic, others not. While nearly all will claim to clean out your pores and skin better than the other, I found that it was equally important on how that washing soap is applied to the skin. When I started asking people how they wash their skin it was generally with their hands, with the balance (mostly female) opting to use a traditional sea sponge or washcloth.

While travelling in Japan years ago, I discovered and tried the “Konjac sponge”. Immediately after use with warm water, the spots I had on my face didn’t get infected, in fact they started to heal and the smoothness of my skin just got better in the days following.

I now use the “Konjac sponge” with organic soap every day on my face & body. It leaves your skin feeling and looking amazing after use, and it’s not only me. My kids and husband love the sponge as much as I do. And it is because of these experiences I was convinced this magical product would make an excellent addition to my beauty product range.