Natalie Frigo's passion is creating unique, heirloom jewelry that celebrates the extraordinary beauty in every client.  Each piece is offered in a limited edition of 30.

Sculpting all of the designs by hand in her lower Manhattan studio, Natalie personally attends to each detail using the ancient practices of metalsmithing and 'cire perdue' (also known as lost-wax casting).  The organic forms are then handcast and finished in New York City, marrying recycled sterling silver and 18K gold with personally selected, ethically sourced gemstones.  

Natalie's inspiration ranges from early metallurgy and textile design to recent architectural developments, culminating in a collection that is contemporary, but by referencing venerable artifacts, also feels timeless.

Conflict-free stones ensure that no person was forced to mine a stone in unsafe or illegal working conditions.  All of our diamonds, for example, are individually tracked through their full chain of custody to ensure that ethical practices are used in mining, cutting and polishing.  Fair trade goes beyond conflict-free - fair trade gemstones are delivered from mines that provide a living wage, ensure safe working conditions and protect the environment by limiting dangerous chemicals and developing plans for restoring the land after mining is complete.  Natalie chooses fair trade when available and is always seeking out new sources for these stones.

Recycled metals eliminate a tremendous amount of new pollution and contaminated water.  An average, newly mined 18-karat gold ring (weighing less than an ounce) creates twenty tons (!) of waste, whereas a recycled ring creates almost none.  Since recycled metal is as beautiful and timeless as newly mined and indistinguishable in its use as a raw material, the choice is a simple one.