Bytec Group focuses on the many facets of human machine interfacing (HMI), bringing state-of-the-art technologies and new product developments to medical, military and industrial markets.  Bytec Group provides specialist products and services to both the public and private sectors.  Working with leading manufacturers, business partners and suppliers from around the world, Bytec Group offers complete solutions for both standard and custom applications.

Bytec Medical is a privately owned company focused on delivering innovative integrated equipment solutions to a range of customers in the medical sector.  Product ranges include mobile carts, laptop and computer carts, roll stands, battery systems, mounting arms and waterproof keyboards, and are medically approved to EN-6601.  As a member of the Bytec Group, Bytec Medical also provides ODM and OEM services for a number of market leading companies.  

RAFI GB is a subsidiary of Bytec Group and provides project-based engineering, design and manufacturing services. RAFI GB designs bespoke keyboards, control panels, and custom user interfaces utilising the latest in HMI technology, including RAFI switch components, touchscreens, trackerballs, TFT/EL displays and embedded platforms into the industrial, defense, medical and transportation markets.