Actionable and Contextual Cloud Security Intelligence

C3M's Cloud Control is a 100% API-based, agentless cloud security platform that offers enterprises complete cloud control through actionable and contextual cloud security intelligence across AWS, GCP, Azure and Oracle Cloud. The platform combines Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (Cloud SOAR), Cloud Identity and Entitlement Management (CIEM), Cloud Risk Scoring, and IaC Security to unify the cloud security operations and management experience and avoid swivel chair security.

Some of the top challenges faced by organizations in Cloud Security Management are:

-Lack of complete visibility into cloud assets
-Risks from misconfiguration
-Cloud alert fatigue - Inability to prioritize and resolve alerts
-Lack of context to security threats
-Difficulty in generating compliance posture reports
-Delay in detecting and responding to threats
-Inability to identify over-privileged identities
-Lack of a unified mechanism to audit identities in a multi-cloud environment.
-Orchestrating response to security events
-Preventing threats as infrastructure is being spun up

What does C3M Cloud Control do?

-Complete inventory and discovery of all users, identities, and assets
-Enforce policy guardrails and best practices across the cloud estate, including users, identities, storage, firewalls, and virtual machines
-Risk score for all alerts based on the CVSS framework from NIST
-Insights into the exploitability, threat impact and blast radius of every security alert
-Real-time incident detection via IAM Log Ingestion.
-Out-of-the-box support for multiple security standards and compliance regulations.
-Actionable insights into all IAM related events and anomalies
-Detect privilege creep and helps right-size excess privileges
-Contextual and actionable alerts across AWS, GCP, and Azure
-Automates incident response via easy-to-configure C3M Playbooks
-Easy custom policy creation and enforcement
-Gain insights into the security posture of accounts and resources specific to a customer, business vertical, or department.
-IaC Security Scanning and Enforcement to prevent infrastructure threats across Cloud Formation, Terraform, ARM etc