cMFGx, Contract Manufacturing Exchange, is a directory of contract manufacturers and procurement application for buyers and suppliers of contract manufactured parts.

For Buyers

Buyers use cMFGx to significantly improve the efficiency of their procurement process.  cMFGx was built to closely match the proven RFQ - Quote - Purchase Order process, including multi-line RFQs, so that we are not reinventing the wheel, just providing buyers a more efficient vehicle to complete this process.

Additionally, buyers can work with their existing supplier base using cMFGx's offline supplier capability.  Offline suppliers (non-cMFGx members) can provide quotes and receive purchase orders using a simplified interface.  This enables buyers to use cMFGx as their primary procurement tool, without limitations.  

For Suppliers

Suppliers use cMFGx to increase exposure for their business and find new quoting opportunities.  Suppliers can easily create a complete company profile containing their logo, address, website, contacts, description, services and certifications.  As directory members, this profile is fully visible to all major search engines.  In the cMFGx exchange, this profile is fully visible to all cMFGx buyers.

Additionally, suppliers can use the exchange to search for RFQs posted by buyers.  Suppliers can easily provide a quote and receive purchase orders.

Overall, cMFGx provides a complete, easy-to-use procurement tool for both buyers and suppliers at a very reasonable cost.

Learn more at http://www.cmfgx.com