Cab4Now will become the largest network of licensed private hire drivers and taxi drivers. Why? Simply because it’s inclusive.

There are many apps for booking taxis for both Android and iPhone. For the most part they are focusing on providing a taxi booking service and excluding private hire drivers. This makes no sense for the customer. The customer really does not care whether they get in a taxi or private hire vehicle. Why should they? They just want to get from A to B in a vehicle with a driver.

Cab4Now offers a fixed price structure throughout the UK. Customers like that. In London the price of most journeys will be a little cheaper with Cab4Now than in a licensed London taxi. But the Cab4Now app will not aim to compete on price. The Cab4Now app will compete on availability. Cab4Now drivers – both private hire and taxis – will be able to be booked on demand and will arrive on time, every time. The delay for cabs booked for ASAP will be advised at the time of booking. The bigger the Cab4Now network becomes the better for everyone.

Most customers really do not differentiate between licensed private hire vehicles and licensed taxis. Even in London which causes London taxi drivers great heartache. I feel for them. I really do. After all they’ve done the knowledge and licensed private hire drivers in London only have to pass a pretty basic topographical test.

The odd thing about the London taxi and private hire industry is that many London taxi drivers started as London minicab drivers or private hire drivers as we’re now known. There are now around 25000 London taxi drivers and around 75000 licensed private hire drivers.

In London due to the animosity between London taxi drivers and London private hire drivers all Cab4Now bookings will be completed by licensed private hire drivers. Outside of London Cab4Now bookings will be completed at a fixed price by licensed taxi drivers AND licensed private hire drivers. It just makes sense.