Please take an opportunity to see some of products sold by IT-STOCKIST ONLINE STORE who offer wide range selection of rack cabinets, enclosures and boxes, all products are made using a anti-rust coated sheeting what means they last longer and are ready for all weather conditions.

Below a few especially worth to mention about:

   OWR-500/550/410 as an example of IP65 Outdoor 9U Rack Cabinet, this one as IP rated were tested to be waterproof, can be wall mounted or have a pole mounting kit that allows to install on the telegraph poles, company offers 5U and 12U versions as well.

   ORC-620/610/300 is a perfect example of a water resistant 5U outdoor rack cabinet; innovative system of a flat mounted rack, perfect if you need or you are obligated to save the space used, can be pole mounted using the same type of bespoke bracket as the ones above.

   If you need to have more U space that would be installed outdoor we suggest to use ORC-1090/610/610, the 18U 19 inch rack cab that has been designed to be mounted as a top of a manhole but nothing stops you sitting it on a concrete base next to you mast or other network infrastructure spot, wide range of accesories like ventilation or heating units can be even joined with an air conditioning module if necessary, the equipment you install inside is easy to access using two opposite door.

   Using FDC-1700/600/200 its easy to terminate up to 144J creating a local outdoor distribution or aggregation pop for all FTTx deployments, company can also advise and deliver all necessary equipment like splicing tray or pigtails.