Paddington is an area of West London located between two Royal Parks, Notting Hill and the West End. You’ll find pretty parks, gardens, squares, cafes, the Grand Union Canal and the Grade I listed London Paddington station designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel when you take a Stroll through the suburb. Historically, Paddington is also famous for St Mary’s Hospital, where Nobel Prize winner Sir Alexander Fleming revolutionised the world of medicine with his discovery of penicillin.

It is located in the north-western corner of the centre of London, with Paddington Train Station dominating the area, handling nearly 30 million passengers every year. The station is the terminus for a wide range of train services including Heathrow Airport.

Attractions in and around Paddington
Paddington has a wide range of activities and attractions to offer. There are just about every type of food and drink outlet you can think of - fast food, cafes, restaurants and traditional English Pubs. Paddington also offers something for nature lovers with Hyde Park, London's largest park is the main landmark of the area although is a 10-min walk from Paddington station. It is a very popular London green space with plenty to see and do, as well as just a place to relax whilst in the city.

Other attractions include Alexander Fleming’s Laboratory, Paddington Basin Bridges, Little Venice, Puppet Theatre Barge, Merchant Square etc., With fast links to and from Heathrow Airport, Paddington is a favourite place to stay for Heathrow travellers. It offers a fast and convenient service to London’s major airport.

Heathrow to Paddington transfer options
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