We are a public relations agency for celebrities and aspiring celebrities. That's because we work with actions to make them more and more recognized in the media. Led by the press officer, Cacau Oliver, its function is to research, conduct and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, communication actions to reach public understanding, and inform what is necessary for the success of the client's objectives.

Adviser and entrepreneur, he says that at least 120 covers of men's magazines that circulated in Brazil and abroad have left his hands. He is also the creator of Brazilian contests such as Gata do Paulistão and Miss Bumbum, which he defines as the boldness that changed his life and the opposite of Miss Brazil, with candidates "healed, siliconized, authentic and, some, stalls. The professional also created Miss Bumbum World, the beauty contest that came out of the Brazilian version and reached international lands.

In 2011 he founded “Miss Bumbum Brasil”, inspired by the “Show Me Your Sloggi” contest that takes place in France, where in Cacau he saw a Brazilian model being the winner. Labeled as a genius when it comes to celebrity creation, he is responsible for bringing names like Andressa Urach, Joana Machado and Ju Isen to leave anonymity and end up in headlines all over Brazil.

In 2018, the television channel E! launched the reality show “The Creator of Celebrities”, where they documented several points and cases of Cacau's career as an advisor. In the program, the entrepreneur helps to remove people from anonymity and even relaunch careers.