Cachet's focus is to bring leading international software into the UK.  These point solutions are "best of breed" and offer compelling Return on Investment (ROI).  Cachet's portfolio works with industry standards such as ITIL and compliments the technology of Business Systems Management providers including HP, BMC, NetIQ and Computer Associates. Cachet software powers IT savings by:

Improving IT Service Levels with reduced headcount
Reducing the IT Operational cost of  'keeping the lights on'
Reducing problem identification time
Reducing repair time (MTTR) freeing funds for business impacting projects

In addition Cachet focuses on IT cost-saving solutions for the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) area, again trying to help IT organisations to more effectively deliver on the promise of SOA by reducing development time and associated costs for n-tier SOA applications, and also to optimise their production resource usage, again leading to a compelling ROI and lowering IT costs.