CAD Design Software specializes in customized software that is tailored to each customers' specific needs.  From customization of our powerful design suites, to major proprietary custom software development, CDS develops EDA layout software to meet your design and manufacturing needs, rather than requiring you to do things our way.  We work hard to reduce your time to market and simplify your design methodology, not make it more complex.

Because we rapidly customize our tools and provide custom development software for your unique requirements, there is a dramatic reduction in design time, improved throughput, and faster time to market over conventional EDA tools.  This has a major positive benefit on your bottom line because you can now design based on your optimum method, not according to a rigid inflexible software tool flow.

We also realize that you have a major investment in your processes and your tools.  We look at how we can improve and optimize your process and system, not throw out what you have.  We reduce design time by adding automation to your processes, at a lower cost of entry than traditional EDA tools.  This helps you increase productivity and also improve cost avoidance.  We not only offer full stand-alone EDA layout tools, but we also complement the tools you already have through interoperability.

We work with industry leaders in RF/Microwave, PCB, Flex, Hybrid / MCM / LTCC, and IC packaging.