Cad Modelling Ergonomics provides the Apparel and Textile Industry a reliable insight into the market needs in terms of fit. Its technologies are the key tools assuring correct volumes and the best comfort, fit and safety criteria to mens-, ladies- and childrenswear manufacturing.

Taking advantage of its 40 years of experience and its know-how in anthropometry, the Italian SME provides the Industry mannequins and heads for Quality Control, Fitting and Ergonomic Tests. Formax® mannequins and FormHead®, built respecting anatomical averages, help pattern designers and model-makers of more than 450 companies worldwide in their everyday tasks.

Cad Modelling Ergonomics cooperates with International Organizations, Universities and Research Centers, but also with Civil Services and Military Corps for mass-customized corporate wear production. In 2005 the company joined WG10 TC 248 to represent Italy in the CEN working group dealing with the new European size designation of clothes.

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