caféHydrate is the definitive bottled water buying guide. The easy to use mobile app helps users learn and appreciate the differences among bottled waters so they can make an informed purchasing decision. caféHydrate provides easy to access information about bottled waters from all over the world. The information includes reviews and grade ratings, history, story and background of the water, technical specifications and notes, customer reviews and much more. We are constantly adding new products. We promote our app through advertising, water and consumer related blogs, social networking, sponsors, and partnerships. Our bottled water guide is digital and subsequently easy to update and maintain with accurate content. cafeHydrate is available at the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Editor in Chief of caféHydrate, Michael Coman, has extensive and award-winning experience in business management & development, marketing, publishing, press and media industries as well as print, digital web & mobile design and user interface architecture. He also has  passion for water and the interesting products that are in the market.