Despite Handicap, MMA Fight Promoter Overcomes Physical Obstacles

Westerville, Ohio (November 1, 2007)- Local Westerville resident Sameh Ibrahim has his sights set high on Saturday December 8 when local OSU MMA fighters battles Michigan in the Octagon at the Valley Dale Ballroom located at 1590 Sunbury Road, Columbus, Ohio.

Sameh who is promoting the “Buckeye Brawl: Ohio Vs Michigan” feels that it is very important for individuals to pursue their dreams. “I have always thought about being a fight promoter and I am glad that I have the courage to do so. It is a very hard job and requires a lot of imagination and physical work as well.” Sameh admits that he has found a lot of physical benefits in being a promoter. “I am constantly on the move and the more I move and walk the better it is for my health”.

Sameh who has Polio since the age of 5 months old has always been a fighter in his own way. “I grew up in the era of Muhammad Ali. Watching Ali when I was a little boy, he taught me that I can become “The Greatest of all times” at whatever I do as long as I believe in myself and am willing to work hard at it”. Sameh has met Muhammad Ali on three different occasions.

Despite having Polio, Sameh has found that it has become his biggest asset in terms of his relationship with fighters. “I understand their fears, goals and dreams as fighters.”

Sameh feels that the success of the “Buckeye Brawl: Ohio Vs. Michigan” on December 8 is more than just a sporting event and bigger than the Ohio Vs. Michigan rivalry. Sameh adds “Ohio Vs. Michigan has its place in the sports world, but what I am talking about is even bigger. I am hoping what people will take away with them is that it is possible to dream big, think big and act big. The mind is a million times more powerful than the body.”

Tickets are on sale for the “Buckeye Brawl: Ohio Vs. Michigan” at . Tickets are priced at $35, $25, & $15. Doors open at 7:00pm

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