Caiman has six offerings we bring to mobile operators in Latin America and Africa to address challenges we know from personal experience...

Challenge 1: How to address the OTT cannibalization of revenue from voice and sms minutes?

- We offer an OTT counter-solution to grow and reclaim Operator revenue, by providing a SIM-less phone number to your subscribers. A 2nd phone number to subscribers without the need of wifi or a second SIM slot.

Challenge 2:  How to monetize your surplus HW inventory and on its flip side, reduce the cost of expensive hardware procurement?

- We offer the opportunity to dispose your surplus HW inventory on the one hand, and to offer you unbeatable prices on high quality refurbished HW on the other.

Challenge 3: How to make payments to your retail channels on time and reliably?

- We offer a solution to automate your retail channel payments thereby eliminating your old unreliable manual commissioning system rout with big delays and frustrating the channels.  

Challenge 4:  How to address your high Opex for Off/Bad Grid power supplies to your critical sites?

- Reduce your fuel cost by up to 85% by implementing a new hybrid power solution.

Challenge 5: How to reduce your churn, increase loyalty, and ARPU?

- Action at the moment of truth: a real time offer (within 250ms) to the customers when critical events occur with tailored based offers per unique subscriber.

Challenge 6:  How to securely provide loans to millions of people in emerging markets via a mobile device?

- We provide a unique multi-integrated proven platform using a unique algorithm for credit scoring your mobile subscribers.