Orchid Blues Media Network introduced the latest Learning Management System named Calana, which means ‘sequential motion’ according to Vedic Mathematics. It is a SaaS model Learning Management System, designed for both students and organizations alike. Implementation of Calana LMS helps parents tracking their children’s academic activities real time instead of seasonal scanning  through their progress card. The students get the benefit of online homework submission and constant  consultation with teachers while the teachers can monitor student performance online. Practice on previous test papers is an added advantage offered to the students. The organizations can have  maximum savings of operational cost by installing Calana LMS for training their employees. It makes quick and effective learning possible with the least effort. Features like Secure exchange of learning data, wider reach irrespective of locations, easy access to training resources, etc. benefit the trainers.

Calana LMS acts as a powerful tool for companies that specialize in training, extension schools, and any corporate looking to get a better grasp on the continuing education of its workforce Ensuring faster delivery, cost effectiveness, lesser environmental impact, free frequent software updating, etc. Calana LMS provides its users with the most effective virtual learning environment comparing to the normal learning management systems with limited operating powers.