Caleb Allen, of the TLC pilot, "Home Sweet Bus", is a Tate Music Group recording artist and songwriter. After performing with his family since 1996, Allen, 24, has branched off from the popular television family group to pursue a solo career as a singer/songwriter. Riding the success of a grassroots crowdfunding campaign last year, Allen is currently promoting a second campaign, hosted on Kickstarter.com, to raise initial capital for the production of the new album.

Caleb Allen lives with his wife, Steffanie, and their twin boys, Jackson and Ashton (22mos.), in Springfield, Missouri where he works part-time as office coordinator for TAFM, a non-profit organization building orphanages in Africa. When he is not making music, he enjoys playing golf and reviewing movies for his podcast blog. For more about Caleb, visit www.calebballen.com