The idea for CalendarTree grew out of a conversation between two parents who were exasperated by the inefficiency of keeping their personal calendars updated with family activities, team schedules, and school events that are typically communicated by email or posted across various internet calendars.

Surely, they thought, there must be a simpler way to create and share team and group schedules without worrying about which brand of digital calendar each recipient uses. In this age of technology, does it make sense to manually retype a schedule from your email into your digital calendar or individually select each event in fear of accepting everything on a public calendar that you don't want?

The two parents teamed with BlueChilli, a technology venture company, to develop CalendarTree. Together they hope to make creating and sharing schedules far easier (and far more polite) for millions of parents, athletes, coaches, team parents, students, teachers, project managers, and anyone else who relies on keeping their calendar organized.

The next time someone sends you an old-fashioned schedule by email – the kind you need to manually enter into your calendar – please consider replying with a link to this site and a friendly note suggesting there might be a better way.