Since 1999, California Waters has been California’s leader in serving owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors, property managers, and public entities of high-end commercial and municipal recreational water features.

We offer design, engineering, construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance and service of:

Water Features
Interactive Splash Pads
Commercial Swimming Pools
Aquatic Facilities
Artificial Rockwork
Water Parks
Lakes, Ponds and Streams
We are uniquely qualified to provide services for the complete life cycle of a water feature, from the very first stage of germination all the way to a second-generation renovation. We have complete, in-house design-build services for new design, engineering, construction and renovations. We provide the most thorough and reliable regularly scheduled maintenance programs, including 7-day/24-hour emergency service for our customers. We also have the highest level of expertise for ongoing repair programs, or one-time emergency calls, including specialty waterproofing and leak detection.

We work worldwide for design and engineering, statewide for construction and rehabilitation/renovation; and throughout California.