California Wild Ales was born out of our love of funky, sour beer. Having grown tired of the hop wars, we set our sights on producing something different using old-world brewing techniques.

Here at California Wild Ales, we are committed to delivering complex barrel-aged sour beers. Our beer is aged in oak barrels for 9-12 months to achieve a depth of flavor until it’s tart and funky. The majority of our beer is then racked onto fresh local fruit and allowed to re-ferment for an additional 4-8weeks. Our process may take way longer than a kettle sour but rest assured it is worth the wait.

We now have two locations.  Visit our Hidden Barrelhouse in Sorrento Valley, or stop by our newly opened Beach Vibe Tasting Room in Ocean Beach.  Give us a try, and you will see why barrel-aging makes all the difference.

Our sour beer recipes are carefully crafted and barrel-aged to create a funky and refreshing sour.  Fresh local produce from local San Diego farmers and backyard growers is added to the beer to highlight the complexity.

We use American, French, and Hungarian oak barrels to round out the beer and create different layers of complexity.  The depth of flavor is produced through an extensive barrel aging process of around 12 months.  As a result, we have created a Wild Ale that is truly southern Californa.  We are proud to be San Diego’s Sour House.