Calinana was born from the idea that we could put together an amazing selection of jewelry that represents the bond between people and their beliefs. We feel that we present in our site a unique collection of significant charms and pendants, which allow the individual to feel special when wearing our piece. We strive to add new styles to our collection every month. Our items are unique but very fashionable and comfortable to wear.
Calinana sells gold filled, gold plated and silver plated charms and necklaces. The leather in our jewelry is genuine leather and the crystals are Swarovski brand.
Our 2010 summer collection is all about rich leathers combined with classic colors and metal elements to create pieces that define not only style, but a lifestyle that is unique and unmistakably fashionable. The collection is inspired by beach and sea elements, giving it a relaxing feel. Most of the pieces in our collection can be customized.