A Premier Blog Writing Service | Why We Write Blogs

All thriving companies depend on one thing: Demand.

Cali and Son fuels demand for our clients' products and services by offering a marketing tool that doubles as an investment: A blog adds monetary value to a company website when it promotes the company’s mission, enables high search engine rankings, and grows relationships with the target audience.

In return, demand for Cali and Son has grown. After just one year, the company has the reputation of being a premier blog writing service that writes and manages blogs for international clients in a variety of business sectors.

Cali and Son Communications has been in operation since June 2011, offering blog writing services to small and medium size businesses in the United States, Canada, and the UK. To date, the writing service has had tremendous success meeting the rising demand for blog posts that add value to business websites in the following arenas: law, finance, arts and culture, real estate, viniculture, and more.

Blogging is considered a mature marketing tool that can advance brand awareness, safeguard a company’s reputation, generate website traffic, create new leads, cultivate relationships with clients and consumers, and establish a consistent social media presence in a day of fleeting communication .

Currently, blogs written in the English language are one of the best marketing tools available that offer three benefits, which include:

(1)     Growing a website’s monetary value.

A blog format can host inbound-outbound links, keyword rich content to attract search engines, and a wealth of information that boosts the company’s credibility in the industry. These factors raise the monetary value for a website in the event it be appraised for sale. It can also create an immediately active stream of revenue with lead generation.

(2)     The creation of a unique channel of communication.

A blog is a social media tool that bridges the divide between a company and the target audience.

(3)     Inexpensive marketing tool that doubles as an investment.

The Internet offers many forms of fleeting communication. A blog is a consistent presence in a world where advertisements and campaigns are expensive and easily overlooked.

Offering these benefits to any company is not hard for Cali and Son, a blog writing service that runs on the gifts and talents of researchers, writers, and editors who work together to accomplish a single purpose: Meet the rising demand for freelance writers with passion and excellence.