CRES Research - The research arm of The Cal State Companies, actively monitors and studies over 175 apartment investments markets in the United States.  CRES’s quarterly newsletter, Market Cycles, gives members a forward look at each apartment market and makes a BUY, SELL, or HOLD recommendation for each market across the country. Many experienced and novice investors alike rely on this valuable information to decide where and when to buy (or sell) their apartment investments.

Cal State Investment Club – Works with our active-participant members to buy and sell apartment buildings all across the country. But we don't just teach you how to do it - we do it with you! Using the data provided by CRES Research, and our expertise and experience, we partner with our active-participant members to buy and sell apartments  in the Right Place and at the Right Time! ®

Cal State Properties - Negotiates the purchase (and sale) of apartment investments for the maximum benefit of Buyers (and Sellers) with expertise in handling transactions involving group ownership, and the special requirements faced by multiple Buyers (or Sellers) with regard to financing, tax deferred exchanges, and IRA and 401K investors.