Calyx Flowers -- The World’s Most Beautiful Blooms

Recognized as the finest name in flower delivery since 1988, Calyx Flowers provides exclusive floral designs sent directly from the world’s premier growers, guaranteeing freshness beyond compare and exotic varieties you won’t find anywhere else. The company has become a trusted source for the freshest, most luxurious bouquets, lush plants, creative gifts like Flowers in a Hatbox® designs, and impressive monthly gift programs like A Year of Flowers and The Best of Calyx. Orders may be placed online at www.CalyxFlowers.com or by calling a friendly Calyx Concierge at 1.800.800.7788.


Our story begins in flower fields around the world.

The most luxurious roses come from Colombia, while the hardiest orchids hail from Thailand. To bring you truly exquisite blooms, we have partnerships with growers around the world. The day you place your order, we’ll send it straight to the source.

Extraordinary blooms deserve special attention.

Each rose is set on an ice gel pillow and thirsty cymbidiums get individual water vials. Every bouquet is carefully packaged, wrapped in tissue, and set in our signature gift box along with a personalized gift card. As soon as your gifts are packaged, we air-ship them direct from the grower via UPS.

You’ll see the difference freshness makes.

Since our blooms don’t lose their glory in a truck or cooler, they last 5 to 10 days longer than most. And because our growers span the globe, we can offer summer-bright Gerbera daisies in December and spring-fresh freesia in August.

Definitive style and beauty.

The essence of every gift is captured by the exciting collection of vases, cachepots and baskets we have chosen to accompany them. Inspired by our travels around the world, you will not find a more vast collection that so complements natural beauty.

Send a glorious bouquet.

We guarantee your flowers will arrive fresh and perfect on the date you specify. There’s simply no easier or more reliable way to send the very best flowers the world has to offer!

From Bud to Bloom

Our flowers are shipped to you while they're still in bud; this ensures that your flowers will last as long as possible. Within a few days, the petals will begin to open and fresh blossoms will emerge. The flowers exhibit a great deal of vitality, just as they would if they were growing in the garden. After a few more days have passed, your blossoms will be a full bouquet that will last for quite some time.