Camelot Portfolios uses time tested philosophies, separated from investor emotions to capitalize on market opportunities. Our qualifications, independent research and intense efforts coupled with common sense continue to allow investors to meet their long term goals in all market conditions.  

We believe our boutique size, low fees, time tested philosophies and custom approach give investors the highest probability of achieving their goals.

Investment Process
All our investment strategies have the same primary objective – maximizing the return over your time horizon. They are designed using the time-tested philosophies utilized by investment legends like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, and Peter Lynch. We continuously research to find solid investments and constantly monitor each portfolio so you can live life knowing someone is taking care of your wealth.

While each strategy is designed to maximize returns, they are designed to experience different levels of volatility (considered as risk by most investors). This allows us to create a portfolio within your comfort level.

Investment Tools
Our cutting-edge platform allows us to utilize stocks, bonds, mutual funds, closed-end funds, ETFs, REITs, index funds, and other publicly traded securities. With such a wide array of tools, we can seek opportunities wherever they may be hiding, regardless of market or economic conditions.

Many of the best investing opportunities are created by short-term periods of extreme market volatility (up or down), causing most investors to make the wrong move at the wrong time.

Our investment team will work directly with your Financial Advisor to create a portfolio to meet your unique needs. The strategies in your portfolio will be selected based on your objectives – return requirement, risk tolerance, income needs, and tax situation. As your objectives change, we will modify the portfolio accordingly.

Qualified Management
Every Camelot portfolio is created and managed by Darren T. Munn, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and the Camelot Investment Team. Darren earned the prestigious CFA designation in 2002 and has been managing investments for over ten years.

Low Cost
Total Return = Gross Return - Expenses - Taxes. This formula is a key to investment success. By keeping our expenses near the lowest in the industry, your get to keep more of the gross return, allowing your money to grow faster. Since our primary objective is maximizing the gross return and our strategies naturally seek to minimize taxes, we seek to align all three factors in your favor.
Investment Cascade
Investment Cascade is a primary investment philosophy designed by the Camelot Portfolios team and inspired by many of the time tested philosophies used in creating the proper portfolio balance. We seek to align the proper risk, tax, and income parameters for your custom needs using future cash flow streams as our focus.
The biggest mistake any investor can make is allowing emotion to direct the investing process.  Most investors evaluate the success of portfolios and investment decisions based on account balances.  If the account appreciates in line with expectations then it is successful, if it depreciates then it is unsuccessful.  Measuring success in these terms is inaccurate and leads to emotional decision making.
The proper way to value any investment is in future cash flow streams.  Ultimately, all investing is done for the end purpose of creating a cash stream to use the money.  For many, this end purpose is retirement, charitable foundations, college education, legacy creation, etc..  No matter what the reason, the investment process should be customized to meet these goals as they draw near.
In order to achieve your goals  now or in the future, you should invest to maximize your future cash flow streams. This is a very independent concept from maximizing account balances.  We believe that having a focus on maximizing cash flow allows better investing decisions to be made, creates a proper definition for success, and over time will maximize your account balance in line with your risk threshold.
Investment Cascade is focused on diversifying into areas that have these cash flow streams and making decisions based on maximization of future cash flows.  As cash cascades and builds over time, we will strategically use the cash to purchase investments with the highest future cash flow streams.  In this way, volatility and market fluctuation lose their effect on a portfolio and consistent cash flow becomes the long term focus.
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