CamoUniverse is an online store dedicated to supplying ghillie suits and ghillie gear to sportsmen of all types.  Ghillie suits are great for deer hunting, turkey hunting and coyote hunting.  Ghillie suits are also used in airsoft and paintball  matches, and, of course, in military operations.  Absolutely, no camouflage suit conceals the human form like a ghillie suit.  With a ghillie suit, you match your suit to the foliage/vegetation around you.  With the ghillie suit, you can literally disappear into your surroundings.  The prey or opponent is at a great disadvantage when the predator becomes invisible.  Hunters recognize this and have used the ghillie suit when total concealment is vital for success.   CamoUniverse offers ghillie suits from the top names in the business such as GhillieSuits, Stealthsuit and Bushrag.
CamoUniverse also offers tactical and safari vests by Humvee.  These make excellent shooting and hiking vests.  We also offer tactical backpacks that are also great for heavy duty bookbags that won’t need to be replaced every school year.  We also offer gun cases by NcStar.
CamoUniverse is committed to high quality customer service.  Orders are processed daily to get the ghillie suit into the customers hands as quickly as possible.  Shipping charges are kept low and shipping is free for all orders over $200.  
To learn more about CamoUniverse, visit us online at http://www.camouniverse.com or call us at 888-646-CAMO (2266).