Candlelight Obsession


Belleville, WI June 23, 2012 – Candlelight Obsession, a nationwide provider of scented candles and services, announced the debut of their new customizable, 100% Soy, Wicker-Wax candle. A hand poured scented candle of new artistic design, top quality and American made, Wicker-Wax candles can be customized by color and scent to provide customer choice in candle purchase.

“Wicker-Wax raises the bar for customers who wish to express individual choice in both candle color and scent selection with a new look for candles,” said Randall Benton, Candlelight Obsession COO. “Customers can have fun designing and building their very own candles online; and they are fascinated by creating such color combinations as a Black Vanilla candle or Purple Apple Harvest.”

Candlelight Obsession features two more standard designs, Wind Wax and Creamy Soy which stand apart in today candle industry as well. The candle designs—named Wind Wax, Wicker-Wax, and Standard Creamy Soy—come in various colors and scents. “Customers will have many more hours of scent with Candlelight Obsession as well have such an artistic candle displaced in their home or office,” said Candlelight Obsession’s President and CEO, Christopher Benton. “But it’s not just for the expert candle customers. It’s also great for anyone who wants their favorite scented candle to match any room in their home.”

Candlelight Obsession is also thanking all the support from their customers by providing a $10.00 gift card to everyone. Simply enter thankyou10 at check to redeem your card online on Candlelight Obsession candles (Expires 06/28/2012).

Candlelight Obsession, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Belleville, WI, provides many product options and services in the candle market. Their Member Services division promotes and sells other hand poured, American made artistic candle company brands as well.