PET LIFESTORY DESIGNERS design custom creations for Pets and the people who love them using:

*Digital Art
*3D Animation
*Canine Marketing
*Canine Internet Broadcasting

We create Talking Videos with 3D Animation of your pet's picture. They will tell the story from their perspective. She creates these from a picture(s) of your pet that you provide or our PhoDOGrapher's pictures. Video capturing can also be arranged to capture clips of your pet.

Canine Community Reporters: Through Canine Community Reporters which are Canine's reporting the news from their perspective, a community is formed to unite Canines to share in the worldwide news. Visit The Canine Community Reporters News.

ome are selected to become News Anchors on WCCR.TV and act as Canine Marketers for major businesses offering products and services.

We welcome you to send Charlie, Lead News Anchor at WCCR.TV any of your products for review.