Cancer is the #1 cause of disease-related death in children…nearly half of all canines die from cancer.  There is little movement behind new (or better) treatments for either of these vulnerable groups - only 3 drugs have been approved for kids’ cancers in more than 20 years.  Only 4% of NIH’s budget, and very limited pharma dollars are invested in kids’ cancer today (mainly because the market is small - 16,000 kids diagnosed annually vs 500,000 adults -  and the situation is complicated by the fact that there are more than 100 subtypes of pediatric cancers whose markers are often fundamentally different than adults’ ). For the nearly 1,000,000 dogs diagnosed with cancer in the US each year, the outlook is no better.

In an ironic, but not surprising twist of fate, researchers are finding canine tumors share important similarities with kids’ cancers ((bone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia), including biology, genetics, recurrence, and metastasis, and that man's best friend might actually help us solve the puzzle – a true win-win! The Canines-N-Kids Foundation funds the most promising, humane research and clinical trials to treat canine cancer patients, while answering critical questions that will accelerate a cure for children battling these same cancers.