Cannabis Rocks launches wholesale and retail Cannabis Gift line for Cannabis Supporters everywhere.

Renowned Artist Cara Rose-Randolph, personal artist to Quentin Tarantino and his A-List movie stars in "The Hateful Eight", has created Cannabis Rocks using the same trade secret techniques she uses for her famous Wine Bottle Art, known as TheWineBottleArtist.com.

With her techniques she calls infusions, Cannabis Rocks are beautiful stones first etched with leaf and word designs she creates  and then infused with brilliant colors and patterns to satisfy every Cannabis Supporter.

With unique trade names like Cannabis Rock Candy, My BUD-dy and CBDA, accompanied with funny uses for the Cannabis Rocks, the near perfect gift line for Cannabis Connoisseurs has been created.

Products include: Cannabis Rock Candy/BUD-dy/CBDA, Magnets, Pins, Ornaments, Cannabis Rocks Game, Cannabis Coins, Beasties and Hematite Medical Minis.

What are the uses of Cannabis Rock Candy, a non-edible, stone about 2" to 3 1/2" in diameter, mostly flat,  round or oval, fit perfectly in your pocket, on your desk...anywhere.

The use of "My BUD-dy" is a travel companion, so I take photos with it everywhere, so I don't have to have my face in the photo, I use My BUD-dy as my selfie.   Since no two stones are the same, each one has its own identity, hence so does the user.  If you are in a state that's not legal, for instance, take a photo of your BUD-dy with your stash, event, where ever, whatever and post it.

I know it sounds different, but when you select your BUD-dy, you connect because they are from the earth, and with the infusions, you really connect to it.  They are fun, silly, and beautiful.  At a concert, take out your BUD-dy instead of a lighter!!  These really attract attention to you too.  When someone sees them, they have to touch and feel them.  They just do.  And when you gravitate toward "the one", it's yours already.

Then the CBDA stands for Cannabis Bud Disassembly Assistant. Yes, it's a play on CBD, and can be technically classified as an accessory for Dispensary shops.  Clients just love them.

For Dispensary owners, why not have your Dispensary Shop name and number infused with a leaf of your choice and use it as your Business Card.  Who are your clients going to call when they get a BUD-dy/CBDA for having their Medicine delivered.  A great gesture and you know they'll call you!

"The skies the limit for what I can create as I have in this business over 25 years and understand Cannabis Supporters mind set".  Touch, feel, connect, share, be happy and enjoy life doing what you love.  These are the feelings and thoughts associated with Cannabis Rocks and each one created.

They are available in "Black Licorice" a highly polished pitch black stone, very soft and soothing.

Vapor Gray is a light gray, highly polished stone and Smoked Satin Gray, a deeper gray with a soft satin finish.

Take a look at what Cannabis Rocks can do for your Dispensary business, your friends and since they contain no THC they can travel everywhere.  Great Toursim items.

Made just North of Cortez, Colorado, ironically located on County Road M!



Cara May be reached at cara@cannabisrocks.com or (970) 749-1921.