Our Goal:

Propose as quickly as possible an economy after the inevitable financial crash has occurred. This market economy will be free of credit. It will hence strip the banks of their relevance. Registration for ☮ La Nouvelle Économie. will be closed on April 18, 2011 at 2030 Paris Time, and our economy will be launched on May 1 2011 at 2105 Paris Time.


In order to participate you must register by April 18, 2011 at 2030 Paris Time. To do this, you do need a note of € 5 (five euros) you can get from any bank branch or changer. Registered your serial chain in the form below. Does not not have my serial chain which is given onlyas an example. A Serial Chain consists of a letter followed by 11 digits, for example V07768198309.

Participation is almost free because the bank note stays in your pocket and if you decided to give to give up your rights, you could spend the money or invest it as you please. It is anonymous and provides access to our vast community and exclusive benefits. These benefits diminish with the date of registration. The sooner you make up your mind more you benefit. Those who do not register will suffer irreparable financial loss.

The note is your bearer title of an account with ☮ La Nouvelle Économie. Your Serial String is the number of your numbered account.

The page of our community contains instructions concerning measures to be taken before April 18, 2011 to preserve your life savings.