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Hi! This is Ricky. I'm a long-time resident of Taiwan from the US and my wife, Heidi, is Taiwanese from the East Coast. Welcome to contact us if you have any questions about Cape Town Jewelry Taiwan. (www.capetownjewelrytaiwan.com) We made our English website mainly to inform visitors, tourist, and the Foreign Community in Taiwan where one can find professional, quality, fine jewelry; the same you will find in name brand jewelry outlets and department stores, but at a friendly discount and a fraction of the price. The owner and original founder of Cape Town Jewelry Taiwan is Heidi's Aunt, whom is affectionately known by many in Taipei as "Aunty Diamond". (What a jewel of an English name. Ha!) Originally, through a close friend and former classmate, Aunty Diamond slowly built up her Cape Town Jewelry business by buying jewelry from her friend in Cape Town and began selling to family, friends and close associates. Over the years this small homegrown family business has flourished as one of Taipei's best discount jewelry shops. For more information either visit the Cape Town Jewelry shop in Tamshui, Taipei, or for further information, online services, pricing and more contact: www.ctjewelry.com.tw.