Capstone Radiology partners with hospitals and physicians across the nation, bringing together local radiologists, strong leadership and a national management infrastructure to deliver radiology interpretive reports more quickly and clearly, and with more accurate diagnoses, while providing the highest standards of patient care. Our radiologists are aligned with the hospitals and have a proven track record of increasing quality of care, medical staff satisfaction and hospital revenue.

Today's competitive healthcare environment is increasingly focused on patient and clinician satisfaction, quality and efficiency. Capstone's innovative response to these industry shifts includes an integrated workflow solution and dedicated staffing model. These methods create opportunities for rapid turnaround times with interpretations that are of a higher quality and accuracy. They also provide a foundation for increased radiologist participation in patient care. As a result, our dynamic approach to the delivery of imaging services improves utilization and patient outcomes while decreasing hospitalization, length of stay and cost.

Capstone Radiology provides the leadership, resources and quality initiatives necessary to increase radiology revenue, and to position the radiology department to become a distinct, competitive business advantage.