How we described ourselves in our very first meeting
Set sail on waves of useless information aboard the trivia yacht. Put together your Name-That-Tune expert, that person who always memorized the year stuff happened, the savant who remembers who played what’s-his-name in that M. Night Shyamalan movie and the guy who knows the biggest US city whose name ends in ‘H.’ It is the team trivia that is both curiously competitive and perfect with a Cape Codder or Piña Colada, drenched in yacht rock. Questions include Music Trivia, a Who Am I round, some super easy stuff and a lot of things you probably knew  but forgot. Charter a team of up to 6 people. Pride is the ultimate prize… but there are prizes.

What it's all about
We make every random fact everyone knows (and doesn’t know!) a point of pride and fun, with the signature Captain Jim yacht rock style.

How we try to do it, every time
We create trivia competitions where no one scores 0% or 100%, the prize is cheap and epic, and industries everywhere see Captain Jim’s as the perfect boozy, croozy preparty. The methodology for emceeing, preparing, even giving prizes, is always the signature. It is trivia, specific to the audience, that is properly hosted, not just about the questions, making for events rather than just games.

It's about what you think
An actual guy named James, a bartender and a guitarist in a rock band, started asking questions in bars to locals in Hastings-on-Hudson, a real place with an 18-character-long name. He played yacht rock from a giant speaker he lugged into the bars, wearing a sailor's cap when he asked the questions.

Everyone calls James "Jim." Anyone who helps him or works for him he simply refers to as "corporate," a reference to the unimaginable fact that his modest pub trivia is now actually incorporated, has insurance and all the good stuff on this website. For the record, "Corporate" is pretty happy with the vibe, and hasn't worn a tie to work yet.