Cardgasm.com is a gift card penny auction in which participants can BUY and SELL gift cards .

Buyers can enjoy daily bargains on their favorite gift cards.  Both physical and E-gift cards are sold and shipped for free.  If a gift card is from a top retailer in the United States, you will find it on Cardgasm.com.  From dining, home improvement, gas, apparel, fast food, general retail as well as online retailers, Cardgasm will help you find the best bargains available.  In addition, Cardgasm has bid packages that are priced at less that half of other large penny auctions.

Cardgasm also allows winners of gift cards to re-list the cards that they have just won up for auction, and even an option to switch the card that they have won for any other available card of equal value.  Through a partnership with a buyer, Cardgasm will even allow the winner of an auction to sell their card on the spot and realize immediate profits.  Imagine spending $1.50 to win a $25 gift card and then selling it for $19.  It's that easy.

Sellers can utilize the leverage power of the penny auction format to potentially achieve massive profits.  No other penny auction allows you to sell your items on their auction.  Why, because the profit margins are HUGE and they do not want to share.  Cardgasm will pay sellers $0.25 for every penny bid on their card.  A seller of a $30 Card that sold for $1.80 on the auction would receive $45.00 (180 x $0.25) or a profit of 50%.  Cardgasm will help people sell their unwanted gift cards, or help people without gift cards participate in the profit potential.  A partner site (www.giftcardsatisfaction.com) will sell you gift cards and they will be directly transferred to Cardgasm.  Cards transferred from Giftcardsatisfaction.com will be eligible for the "No-Loss" guarantee.  Sellers of cards up to $100 in value will be guaranteed to receive no less than the value of their gift card.

Whether you are looking for bargains or profits, you can find them at Cardgasm.com.  

Buy, Sell, Earn.