Young At Heart is a world-class health and technology company dedicated to bringing low-cost screening solutions to consumers.  Our online cardiovascular wellness screening program is poised to revolutionize the wellness industry.

Reducing Healthcare Demand
It is no secret that global healthcare systems are not meeting the short-term demand for medical care. Considering the long-term ramifications of the increased demand on the these systems is frightening.  

At Young At Heart, the increased healthcare demand concerns us greatly.  We believe that proactive, preventative approaches to wellness will reduce the demand on struggling healthcare systems and provide significant business opportunities for innovators in the wellness sector.

The Technology
We deliver cost-effective online screening technologies over the internet.  We have moved a clinically-backed cardio screening method to an online platform providing a low-cost model that is easily deployed in both clinical and home applications.  moreĀ»

The Team
We have created a global team of medical professionals, scientists, and business innovators.  This enables us to deliver effective screening solutions combined with a robust web-based business model.  We have corporate locations in Europe and the USA,  and we are positioned to help global clients integrate web-based screening applications into their business models.