Careerera is an online education provider of professional certification training, based in Herndon, Virginia, USA. Careerera was founded in 2014 as Careerera.com by founder Mr Vivek Kumar Singh and Mr Alok Kumar Singh.

Careerera, is a hub of the online professional courses. It has been specialized in business group, among other activities, in the field of training. The higher level vocational online professional training has been for years a priority within Careerera. So, it has a strong commitment to make online professional training available to our students the most advanced and functional technical means, as well as a qualified team of professionals teachers.

Why choose Careerera online professional training?

Since Careerera offers everything we believe is the essence of our teaching and educational system, based on:

The demand and encouragement:

The Careerera online professional training includes efficient use of time, an appropriate mix of theory and practice. Focus efforts to get students with different abilities over other professionals. The acquisition of practical experience prior to the completion of studies required to prepare each student in the most optimal way to practice.

Not only do we want our students get the training cycle for the chosen degree, but also become professionals with different skills, perfectly trained to thrive in competitive environments and a global vision in our workplace.


The programs have been designed under a realistic and flexible approach, adapting the content to the current demand and needs of the closest working environment. Detailing the description at all times of the cycle, the duration of each module and giving an overview of the practices developed during the course.

We have tried to be in complete harmony theoretical subjects to have a good base and essential knowledge of the subject matter and the development of the necessary practices to gain that experience as demanded by the companies.

Continuous assessment system

Control of attendance, student participation in class, periodic testing evaluation and development work and case studies, individually or in teams, they ensure constant study and student work throughout the academic year, in the modality and mode online.

Small classes and personal attention

An obvious advantage in our cycles are small classes and personal attention given to our students, have at all times with their respective guardians. These students attend constantly throughout the academic year and its hours of tutoring to guide them in teaching and professional aspects.

Equipment at the highest level

Careerera has facilities equipped with important technological resources to meet demand for education according to the new technologies of our environment.

Our technology centers have access to the Internet, computers and next-generation computer support, as well as multimedia and audiovisual toe. This allows students to master the tools and technologies necessary for the development of the profession, and teachers adapt lessons to a more pleasant environment by placing ourselves in a competitive and technological edge, all in accordance with the peculiarities of each specialty.

Teaching staff

Careerera online professional training faculties are carefully selected and composed by highly qualified professionals with proven experience and professional category, from Private Business, Public Administration and University; all capable of transmitting to students the reality of the experience gained in its respective activity.