Career Game Changer is a unique online job resource directory.  With a job board in the works and city directories launching soon across the United States, Career Game Changer is living up to it's name.

After a successful career in corporate talent acquisition leadership, Career Game Changer founder, Suzanne Travers, became a recruiting entrepreneur, helping Fortune 1000, start-up, and emerging companies hire top talent for almost two decades. Suzanne increasingly felt the call to help people with their job search, and, frustrated by a hiring process skewed against unemployed people, she took a sabbatical to explore how she could help people get hired.  
In that time, she discovered too many people unsuccessfully trying to find a job on their own and explored ways to connect job seekers with career pros--eventually creating Career Game Changer, an online directory where people can find career pros with services to help them get hired.  

When research indicated that people don’t understand how career pros can help them she wrote the book “Job Search Wisdom:  How Career Pros Help You Get Hired Faster “to explain how anyone can find a career professional to help them no matter their budget.