Amy L. Adler’s discount resume service, OlympusResumes.com, is staffed by professional, certified resume writers who know how to help you move your career and job search to where you want it to be. We’ve been writing job seekers’ resumes for years, so we know exactly what it takes to create a successful resume, cover letter, and thank you letter. With 20+ years of business and writing experience, we’ve got the backgrounds and credentials to make your resume writing process easy, cheap, and stress-free.

Amy has prepared résumés, cover letters, post-interview thank-you letters, executive profiles, and other critical career documents on behalf of clients at all levels of employment. In fact, her clients have reported that of every 10 résumés they send to potential employers, they receive approximately 8 “hits,” or interview requests for the types of jobs they’re seeking. Nearly 100% of her clients ultimately receive job offer in their industries.

Amy is credentialed by a leading career industry professional organization, Career Directors International. Her résumé and cover letter writing skills were validated by a panel of global industry leaders, and she was awarded official recognition as a Certified Advanced Résumé Writer. She recently was selected to serve on Career Directors International’s prestigious Education Committee.

Her certification is supported with extensive education. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Franklin and Marshall College, she completed a Master of Arts Degree in Book Publishing (New York University), which launched her editorial management career. After working as an editor in several publishing companies, she attended Boston College to earn a Master of Business Administration Degree in Information Technology and Strategic Management, which ultimately led to her opening Careerient, LLC, which owns OlympusResumes.com.

Frequently invited to speak on a variety of topics related to self-presentation in a difficult job market, Amy’s insight has helped audiences large and small to rethink their job search strategies. One of her recent engagements included the Project Management Institute, at which she spoke about the importance of social media for contract workers. Other talks have focused on résumé strategy, cover letter technique, and best practices for online networking. Overall, she focuses on the career and job search process, helping clients across the United States and the globe achieve the career and job search results they need.

OlympusResumes.com is Amy’s discount-priced, experience-led resume service web site, which is owned and operated by Careerient, LLC, a registered and licensed Utah limited liability company. Contact Amy at info@olympusresumes.com.