Careerleaf (www.careerleaf.com) is building a career ecosystem that is changing the face of job search, by delivering a candidate experience that improves the competitiveness of candidates and partners. Founded by an experienced team of technology and recruitment professionals with a burning desire to make things better. Careerleaf first launched in November 2012 and is rapidly growing.  Privately held, Careerleaf operates our of Toronto, Ontario.

* Careerleaf is partnering with industry leaders; enabling mobile job search, tracking, and career management that is focused on candidates and powered by it’s candidate-driven platform that makes it easy for candidates and career partners alike to be presented better and found easily.

* Delivers a unique co-branded user experience consisting of tools and services optimized for mobile. Tools like Tracklet™, a virtual assistant for your job search that cuts your time to apply in half by making it easy to drag, drop, track and apply to jobs found anywhere on the web, and tools like integrated hiring solutions, which connects the candidate dashboard with employer services.

* Improves competitiveness of partners by keeping candidates focused on them, while increasing their value proposition through employer services and solutions, and improves competitiveness of candidates by keeping them organized, found, and presented well.

Careerleaf has been featured in MSN, Mashable, Huffington Post, SimplyHired, and many more.

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