CarePromotions.com specializes in customized, imprinted and personalized promotional product solutions with a focus on Celebrations, Awareness, Recognition and Events. We take pride in helping many types of businesses nationwide like Hospitals, Medical Practices, Dentists, Colleges, Schools, Fire Departments, Police and Sheriff Departments, Churches, Corporations, Retailers, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs by promoting their brand, building business, spreading awareness and providing promotional gift ideas for employee recognition.  

At Care Promotions we like to take your imprint to the next level by offering our optional exclusive stock designs that feature that special message of CARE that you can add to your imprint creating a Human Connection with your Customers, Employees, Patients, Members, Students, Parents and Community. When you order our products see our “Enhance Your Imprint” Stock design link that will open up a library of stock designs filled with creative Awareness and Recognition slogans that you can choose FREE of Charge.

We feature an exclusive gift line featuring soup mug sets, garden sets, treat sets and more!  

With 16 years of industry experience working for only the top promotional product companies, President and CEO Michael Sabatino is ready to give you that personal service and care that you deserve. Call him directly at 855-801-CARE or anytime on his cell phone at 516-445-7198.