Swissport signs contract with CargoFlash Info Tech to implement Truck Slot and Door Management system
CargoFlash Info Tech is pleased to announce addition of Truck Slot and Door Management System (DMS) module to their existing suite of Cargo offerings. This module will be implemented as a standalone module at Swissport and the same will be seamlessly plugged into other modules of CargoFlash.

System will aids better planning of trucks coming in and out of warehouses by enabling booking of slots/gates prior to arrival and truck management. By using various complex algorithms and configurations system prevents bottle necks for trucks at the gates thus improving time and increasing efficiency of handling functions.

Pedro Garcia (VP Cargo Information Technology, Swissport) “We are happy to award development of Truck Door Management system to CargoFlash Info tech. Their existing base product, novel approach to implementation and project management were key factors for our decision. We look forward to their delivery of the system at high quality and on schedule.”

"CargoFlash is delighted to help raise the bar for superior truck door management across Swissport network," said Rahim Bhimani, CEO CargoFlash. "We appreciate recognition from Swissport and look forward to successful implementation and long term business association with Swissport. CargoFlash thrives to deliver the solution on schedule and with high level of accuracy"

About the product:

The Cargo Flash Slot and Doors Management System ensures facilitation of easy flow of trucks in a warehouse and reduce congestion and driver waiting time.

Through the system, the trucking companies or forwarders can directly log in to the system from their office and provide details of their truck and its load and thereafter pre-book the timeslot before dispatching the trucks.

The system is able to intelligently calculate the available and relevant slots for the truck through performing computations of multiple rules of ‘throughput’, ‘allocations’ and ‘door properties’ which ensures visibility of only those slots which are allocated based on the attributes of the truck.

Upon truck arrival at the warehouse, the system ensures capture of milestones like gate arrival and documentation for a truck entering the warehouse. The S&DM system is also integrated with the handler’s operations system to get the actual shipment information to the S&DM system.

Door Monitor helps the warehouse supervisor to manage the trucks waiting in queue at the warehouse and assign the right door to them. It gives complete overview of the doors listing the trucks crossing the warehouse gate and displaying required information; these trucks are sorted on the queue based on multiple factors which the system runs continually on real time.

For more information about Truck Door Management System, please contact Mr. Gautam Mandal at gautam@cargoflash.com