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Welcome to our Online Freight Community

Cargo Success is much more than just a regular Freight Finder Load-Board. It is a detail-oriented load-board, where Shippers, Freight Brokers and Freight Forwarders post loads free (full truckloads and less than truckloads - LTL loads) describing them in details for easy load matching, while Carriers find loads quickly and Get Loaded with Quality Freight!

Listing Agents (Shippers & Brokers)

When posting freight, you have more available features and options to describe your available loads at your disposal, than using any other online load board on the market:

*      Post Private loads for your Preferred Carriers or Public loads for all Carriers
*      Two listing formats: RFQ and Fixed Price
*      Post Time-Sensitive and Regular freight
*      Describe each stop in detail (via drop-down selections)
*      Browse Carriers (transportation Companies)
*      Send load-alerts to Carriers
*      Specify Payment terms, Late and Delay fees (ahead of time)
*      Choose how to receive quotes/rates and Authorities (by phone/fax or submitted online)
*      Integrated Order Management Solution (manage your Active and Completed loads)
*      Quick posting - Create up to 500 listing templates
*      ... all this and more COMPLETELY FREE!

Carriers (Freight Transportation Companies)

View complete details of each load and submit your rate/quote over the phone or online (depending on the listing requirements). You can also attach your Authorities along with your online quote:

*      Find loads posted by Shippers & Brokers
*      USA & Canada unlimited load searching - 24/7
*      Posting are updated in real time
*      Find Truckloads and LTL Loads (for all types of trailers)
*      View pallet count, detailed info about each stop, map routing, complete payment terms, listing age and more decision relevant information, before you decide to submit your rate/quote
*      Follow multiple load-listings (create a watch-list)
*      Submit a quote over the phone or online
*      Single click Bid Retraction
*      View Shipper/Broker Credit Rating (via RTS)
*      Create and email invoices with a single click of a mouse
*      No account limitations of any kind ... and much more!

Cargo Success is the fastest growing Freight Community, providing the most comprehensive and easy to use on-line load-board, for your truck and freight booking needs. We take you ahead of your competitors! Visit us at http://www.cargosuccess.com