Renting a car is something that should be convenient, but often it is anything but. Limited availability of the type of car you want, minimal rental options, long lines, confusing paperwork, and high prices are often the norm for those just looking to find a car that will simply get them from point A to B. Public transportation is often unreliable and inconvenient, and other car sharing services use “surge pricing” to inflate profits. Well, now there’s a better way.

Welcome to CarHopper: a car sharing service that matches up car owners with those looking to rent a car, for a fair price and with a simple tap on their smart-phone. CarHopper provides an affordable, convenient alternative to outdated car rental services.

Like other game-changing peer-to-peer technologies, CarHopper’s rental fleet is derived from the millions of car owners who have underused vehicles sitting on their property waiting to be used. Gas, insurance, maintenance and parking can drain a car owner’s wallet. In an urban environment, the average cost of owning a car can skyrocket to more than $500 a month. With CarHopper, car owners have the opportunity to earn that money back (and thousands more in profit), simply by renting their car when it fits their schedule.