We are currently working on a NEW INNOVATIVE PROGRAM, where we have access to directly market to over 118 000 families, schools, various NGO's and Rugby League Clubs across South East Qld.  Our target market includes a percentage of attendees are teenagers who come from low-income, minorities, young men and youth living in conflict situations as well as current players.  

As with previous Carina JRLFC events, this will be a key event in the development of young men and the role of men in society, as well as promoting healthy lifestyle choices and Rugby League.

Carina JRLFC has over 650 juniors and the Carina Leagues Club has 40 000 and 2 million visitors a year as well as volunteers, with an extended reach, via the participant family network and general supporters of the game, of many times more.  We have an established network of NGO's – Foster teenagers, Defence force teenagers, Indigenous teenagers, various Government Departments, 59 State Schools, Private Schools and links with large organisations who are uniquely tailored to cater to children and families of all demographics, social standing and ages.

We believe all children from all demographics should have the opportunity for a successful start in education and sport regardless of age, race, gender, family composition, income or community.

In response to this significant disparity, we offer sponsors, PR companies the opportunity to work/partner with us to deliver programs and a sporting environment for all to benefit from.

We are always looking for companies that support our ethos and wanted to gain access more Australian families and Generation Y.  

Sport sponsorship has become an effective marketing strategy for many corporations.  Increased competition has created a need for businesses to find ways to differentiate their products and services from the growing number of advertisers in the market place, and to get more return for their promotional dollars (Oneal, Finch, Hamilton, & Hammonds, 1987).  Our program caters to your companies values and the many other reasons, why one chooses to sponsor, such as to:

(a)  Demonstrate good citizenship;
(b)  Demonstrate interest in the community;
(c)  Generate visibility for products and services; and,
(d)  Generate favourable media interest and publicity (Wilkinson as cited in Ensor, 1987, p.40).
(e)  Generate interest as an individual’s future "Employer of Choice."

Through increased visibility of your company and its products/services via sport sponsorship, your business can anticipate, and expect, increased product/service consumption.    One of our current JRLFC sponsors have a current intake of over $600 000 a year (50 new members a month) from club members.  

We believe partnering with strong business leaders, we can create the next generation....