It all comes down telling a good story...
Whether you are at a cocktail party, on a ski lift with a stranger, in a business meeting or trying to sell something, it all comes down to telling a good story. That's because the trite phrase, "communication is key," is always true. The cornerstone of any strategic communications campaign -- whether digital, traditional or a combination of both -- is your story complete with well-defined messaging, great content and an interesting angle. That's why, no matter the tools or venue -- press releases/pitches, collateral, websites, social media comments, advertorials, profiles (anything that requires words and word-smithing) -- I use the written word to help companies create a strong and visible footprint.

Creating a reason for what you are saying...
Why does it come down to the written word? Why is it all about how you say something and how that something reads on paper? Simple: because a story without a hook -- a.k.a an angle -- is like a joke without a punch line. Whether it's a short social media post, a white paper, a blog or content for a website, angle development is central to any story, written or verbal. It is the critical component that binds a cohesive strategy for a business that wants greater visibility and engagement. In the 21st Century, a biz's verbal expression comes alive in three key venues: content (on and off line, from websites to collateral), social journalism and strategic public relations. Within the framework of an effective campaign, a communications strategy (whether B2C, B2B or a combination of both) needs to "speak" to a company's target markets with effective, angle-driven messaging. What are your angles?

Before embarking on any plan...
• Are target markets defined? Target markets are the foundation of a digital or traditional marketing plan. An effective strategy cannot be created until target markets have been defined.
• Have goals (short- and long-term) been defined? Without goals, it is impossible to create an effective strategy.
• Has a timeline been created to meet these goals? A campaign needs time, manufactured and organic, to effectively take hold. Unrealistic timelines will result in ineffective strategies.

In the 21st Century, customers are relying on online venues for information about purchasing products and services to interconnect with people and businesses from around the world. The best way to reach out to these customers/buyers is to create a strategic campaign that is ripe with strategically designed, angle-rich stories and well-written messaging to span both traditional and digital means of communication.

Cari Shane Capabilities:

Communications Consulting
Strategic Planning/Implementation, Professional Development Workshops/PR & Social Media  

Public Relations  
Angle Development; Press Release Writing; Pitch Writing; Media Training

Social Media
Strategic Social Media Campaigns; Social Journalism; Social Media Tutorials

Verbal Branding
Tagline; Mission; Messaging  

Content Writing
Website, Content and Social Media Content Writing; Editing; Blog Writing; Ghost Writing