Carla Baron is an internationally acclaimed psychic, whose extensive work on television includes “Haunting Evidence” (truTV), currently in worldwide syndication. She has also used her unique gifts on History Channel's “MysteryQuest” and “Psychic Hollywood: The Search for Truth” on E!

Carla was the primary psychic on the groundbreaking paranormal reality series, MTV's “Fear,” Biography's “Dead Famous,” as well as “Psychic Detectives” (Court TV.) In addition, you can see Carla Baron frequently on rebroadcasts of her “20/20 Primetime” episode on WE.


Official Site -  http://carlabaron.net/

Official Facebook - http://facebook.com/Psychic.Carla.Baron

Official Twitter - http://twitter.com/Carla_Baron

Official Blog - http://psychiccarlabaron.wordpress.com/