When the education system, in one of the richest countries in the world, fails to teach you how to build wealth or at the least, to have a wealthy mind, and the International Student Assessment (PISA) test proves that American teens have average financial skills; you know that personal financial literacy is faulty.

The education system, at all levels, teaches you to become a working bee. However, it does not teach you how to make money.

YES, how to build wealth and have the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you like the average American, are part of a society that lives paycheck to paycheck, then you are a pawn of the finance system; a consumer chained by debt, lured by a false purchasing power where banks and financial institutions create ghost money.

A scary, shocking, and detrimental reality. You have not been prepared to understand and prevent falling into the finance system trap.

The Wealth Taboo will help you understand how the system plays you and will discover:

The World Banking System.
How the Money Banking System Uses You.
Wealth Building ‘T’.
The Formula to Amass Wealth.
Debt Financing Breakdown.
The Power of Diversification and Residual Income.
Your Network Builds Your Net Worth.
What is Success and How to Attain it.